Make Your Abroad Traveling Easy With Credit Card

Everyone is looking for some discounts and perks to compensate for the daily expenses. To choose the right option when buying on different occasions could save you a small amount on fees and other charges. This is actually a little help to make sure your trip doesn’t cost you much.

When we look at the banking sector, we have a number of best perks and benefits on different credit cards such as

  • Commission-free purchases abroad
  • Cashback on spending
  • Low interest rate

Here we will discuss a credit card that is particularly one of its kind and used for travel purposes. This category of cards are used specifically for spending abroad – they can help you avoid expensive fees that one have to face for daily purchases. Travel cards can offer many services like free cash withdrawals, low-interest rates on travel money, a number of reward points for flights or discounts on travel insurance.

Some of the cards charged an extra fee on purchases outside of the region and also if you are dealing in foreign currency. But here in Dubai most of the travel cards do not charge extra for making an overseas purchase in a foreign currency.

What are the major types of Credit Card for travel purposes?

Let me explain you one thing, that is the ultimate goal of a travel card is only to facilitate the frequent travelers. There is no such other major task. So on the basis of this, we have evaluated two types of travel card.

  • Airline Cards
  • No foreign transaction fee cards

Both cards provide a different scheme of discount offers. If we check the airline cards, typically these will not give you free overseas spending but will give you some travel points for flying on certain airlines. While on the other as it is obvious from the title, there are no extra charges if you want to make purchases in foreign currency. But be careful while selecting the type of card. If you select a wrong credit card when you are on a foreign holiday it can prove costly for your purchases. Some cards charge foreign currency extra fees each time you use your card to make transactions.

Save up to 30% on flights, accommodation, and activities on your Mashreq Travel Card

This is a brand new offer for travelers and entertainers. Well if you are a customer of Mashreq Bank in Dubai and have a Mashreq Travel Card, this would be the best travel discounts for you. If someone is planning a holiday or a weekend get-away we have just the offer you need with best cash back discounts and attractive perks. Directly this offer gives you to save up to 30% on flights, hotels & activities booked on or Clear trip Mobile App with your Mashreq Card. let’s have fun and take a break with your family & friends now with this amazing offer.


  • Unique features

Basically, this offer is valid for three main items which are tickets, accommodation and other activities including meals, refreshment and hotel services. The exact figures and discounts percentage on this package is:

  1. Book any Flight and Save 10 % up to AED 100
  2. Book any Hotel and Save 20 % up to AED 200
  3. Book any Activity in UAE and Save 30% up to AED 300

Save more on your travel with Mashreq card new offer

One of the most amazing offers nowadays has opened and no excuse to take advantage of your Mashreq card for travel discounts. You can get incredible discounts on flights and hotels when you use your Mashreq card. For your first trip, there are a direct savings of up to AED 1,500 on over 270 airlines and rooms in over 75,000 hotels around the world.

Terms and conditions for this new offer?

  • This offer is only valid for Mashreq bank cardholders.
  • This discount will be offered per hotel stay and will be less to 10% of the base fare which is almost AED 150.
  • This discount subject to a maximum of AED 600 for 4 rooms.
  • To all kinds of clients including members and fresh maximum trip discount offered is AED 1,500.
  • This offer only valid for direct individual travel purchases per round trip flight ticket.
  • This offer will be valid for hotel stay voucher with a minimum 2-night stay for adults and children.
  • You can get this offer only from through your mobile app using your Mashreq card.
  • This offer only valid if the coupon code is successfully entered before purchase otherwise you cannot use this package.
  • This offer will not be valid if there are any pending refunds in your credit card.


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